In the Gym December 27th

POWER 10:00 Warm up Work on mobility/stability 2 x 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press 3 x 5 Wall squats 3 x 6 Goblet Squats 2 x 8 Push Press Then: (split into teams if class is large) Warm up to Back Squat, Bar + Chains, not too heavy see below Then: 5x […]

In the Gym July 9th


10:00 Warm up ski erg/airdyne/row
2 × 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
Work on mobility
3 x 5 Wall squat
3 x 6 Goblet Squats
30m Tactical Lunge
Warm up to Back Squat Bar + Chains
5 x 5 Accelerating Back Squat @ Bar+Chains; pause at bottom of squat, then accelerate up out of it
Rest 60-90sec between sets
8x Body Row
5x Heavy Pull Overs
60sec Flutter Kick
5 Rounds; rest as needed
8×30/30sec hard/less hard @machine of choice
Cool Down