In the Gym February 9th

10:00 Warmup Mobility/Stability 2×8 Shoulder Opener 2×5 Cuban Press 3×5 Wall Squats 3×8 Goblet Squats 3×5 KB bell up press half kneeling Then: 5x KB or BB Clean or Headcutter 30 sec Mountain Climber x 5 rounds (Rest 30-60 sec between) Then: 10 –—- 1 Goblet Squat/ Body Row Ladder Then: 2000m Ski/Row for time, […]

In the Gym January 20th

PE/SE 10:00 warm up ski/bike/row Work on Mobility/Stability 2 x 8 Shoulder Openers 2 x 5 Cuban Press 3 x 5 Wall Squats 2 x 8 KB Swings 3 x 3 per side single leg ass-to-bench squat Then: 10x KB Cleans (medium-light weight) 5x per side Weighted Step Ups 5x Dips (rings or bar) 5 […]

In the Gym September 25th

Power 10:00 Warm up Work on mobility/stability 2 x 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press 3 x 5 Wall squats 2x30m Tactical Lunge  2×10 KB Swings Then: Warm up to KB Cleans and Step Ups – should be same weight for both movements Then: 5x KB Cleans  5x Front Rack Step Ups (same […]

In The Gym, April 24th

10:00 warm up 2 × 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press work on mobility – Over Head 3 × 5 wall squats 2 x 30m Tactical Lunge 2 x 10 Push Press Then: Warm up to KB Clean and step ups (step ups may dictate the weight), find height for step ups. Then: […]

In the Gym August 15th

Power Endurance Warm up on C2 and AD for 10 min, do a few intervals and up the intensity Then: 2000m for time OR 300FY on air dyne Then: 5x Wall Squats 8x each Y’s, T’s, 90/90’s on cross-over symmetry bands 8x Goblet Squats Then: 2:00 KB Swing 2:00 TGU (alternate sides) 2:00 KB Clean+FS+PP […]