In the Gym June 24th

10:00 Warmup Mobility/Stability 2×8 Shoulder Opener 2×5 Cuban Press 3×5 Wall Squats 3×6 KB Swing 2×6 Pushpress (Light) Then: 5x BB or KB Clean or Headcutter 10x Kayaker x 5 rounds (Rest 60 sec or so between) Then: 10x Whip Smash 15m Plank sled pull (modify by adding KB if sled is too much or […]

In the Gym August 2nd

10:00 warm up, add in mobility/stability/baby ups as needed 2 × 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press 3 x 5 wall squats 30m OH walking lunge, forward and backward one hand then switch. Then: Work up to a heavy TGU, if athlete cannot do TGU’s do a combo of step up, sit up, […]