Exciting News for all Ripple Effect and Carbondale athletes.
We at Ripple Effect have partnered up with Lalo Tactical to bring you the best gym and training shoes out there. By now most people understand the value of good footwear for all activities. The gym is the same. Running shoes typically elevate the heal to much, are too soft, or unstable. Barefoot training is great for some movements and not others, as well many gyms do not allow you to be barefoot.

Enter Lalo Tactical!
I personally train in the Grinders and the Bloodbirds as do my trainers Lara and Lindsay. I liked the shoes as soon as I put them on, I now love them for training. The added stability for jumps and power based lifts, strength based lifts, general agility, rowing, ski erg, body weight movements and anything else your evil trainer can think up to throw at you!

If you are friends with Ripple Effect you can receive a 20% discount on orders from Lalo Tactical. Click this link and when ready to check out enter code: RIPPLEFFECT20


We do not stock the shoes so you’ll need to order them direct. They all fit true to size as far as my experience goes.

I hope you enjoy these shoes as much as we do.

All our best!

The Ripple Effect Team: Carolyn, Lara, Lindsay and Betsy