In the Gym September 14th

10:00 Warm up
Work on mobility/stability
2 x 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
3 x 5 Wall squats
3 x 6 Goblet squats – deep, hip opening, focus on posture
3 x 5 Squat Jumps
Warm up to Back Squat with bar + chains (don’t go too heavy; see below; can use 15# bar with chains if more appropriate for athlete or without chains)
5 x 5 Isometric-Dynamic Back Squats
How this works: have athletes pause for 3-4 seconds in four positions on the lower: top of squat (standing), 1/4 squat depth, 1/2 squat depth, full squat depth – quads parallel or whatever is full depth for their ROM; after last pause, recruit glutes for fast acceleration up, feet leave the floor if possible)
Have athletes partner up and one person rests while the other person is completing the reps; should be focused and heavy enough that they need the rest!
Rest 1-2minutes between sets if not in partners
30m Flying Burpees
30sec Ring Support
5 Rounds; can have people partner up: while one person is doing burpees the other is on rings, any extra time after the 30sec ring hold is rest (while waiting for partner to finish burpees)
If time:
6x (20sec sprint / 60sec rest) @machine of choice
Cool Down