In the Gym October 16th

10:00 warm up
2×8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
work on mobility
3×5 wall squats
6 way BB Complex (can be done with Kbs or DBs which ever is more appropriate for athlete)
6x Deadlift
6x Bent Over Row
6x Hang Clean
6x Front Squat
6x Push Press
6x Push Up
to NOT put the bar down.
three rounds increase weight reach round
Team 2000m Ski – must be ski, if more than 4 people have others do next bit.
Each player goes for 200m then they QUICKLY switch, until 2000m is accomplished (5 sprints per player)
rest 4:00
20x Sit Up Med Ball Throw
30m Bear Crawl
x 3
Then: Teams can switch stations if more than 4 people in training session
Cool Down