In the Gym March 1st

Strength Endurance

10:00 warm up ski/row/airdyne
2 x 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 x 5 wall squat
3 x 3 SLSLDL with KB
3 x 3 Ass to bench
10x Cross Sym Row and Fly
Work up to Heavy Deadlift
This should be touch and go, no dropping of barbell.
5 x 3 Deadlift
Actual rest 1 – 2 minutes between sets.
5x Pull Over w/heavy KB
5x Body Row w/feet on bench
5x Push Up on rings
x 7 Rounds
No measured rest, try to maintain steady pace.
Then, if time:
2:00 warm up on machine of choice, then…
4x 1:00 sprint, 1:00 recovery (still moving)
(Total time 10:00)

Cool Down – mobility focus

Danny, Chad, Ben