In the Gym July 14th

10:00 warm up ski/row/bike
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 × 5 wall squats
2 x 30sec squat / 30sec squat hold (no weight)
2 x 30sec push press / 30sec OH hold (light warm up weight)
Any additional mobility/stability work on own
Then –
25x Body Row
50x Goblet Squat
50x Push Ups
50x Ball Slams
50x Windshield Wipers (total)
50x Head Cutters
25x Pull Overs (heavy-ish)
Rest as needed to maintain form
Then –
2000m Ski/Row for time (or 100 cal on airdyne)
Then –
Cool down, stretch