In the Gym January 8th

10:00 Warm up
Work on mobility/stability
2 x 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
3 x 5 Wall squats
2 x 15 Air Squats
2 x 30m Tactical Lunge
10x Goblet Squat (moderately heavy)
30sec sprint @ski/bike/row
x 3, rest 30-60sec between rounds
10x Split Jumps (or step ups) per leg
60sec Sprint @ski/bike/row
x 3, rest 60-90sec between rounds
10x Atomic Sit Ups
15m Plank Sled Pull (or KB if sled is too heavy)
5x Reverse Fly (DBs or x-sym bands)
6 Rounds, rest as needed to maintain form