In the Gym January 5th


10:00 warm up + mobility work
2 x 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 x 5 wall squat
2 x 10 Good Morning
3 x 5 Squat Jump
Then: can do single leg weighted step up with a speed component if jump not ok for athlete.

5x Box Jump 20” box
5x Box Jump 24” box
5x Box Jump 30” box if appropriate for athlete
4 rounds, finish round one, and begin round 2 back on the lower box.
Limited rest.
10x GHD Sit up, weighted if necessary.
10x Burpee
8x Body Row
8x Clapping Push up
x 4 – 5 Rounds
If time:
Finish with 5 x 150m Row or Ski rest 60 sec between efforts, athletes can share machine and trade off as necessary.
Cool Down
Mobility work