In the Gym January 11th

10:00 warm up
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 × 5 wall squats
Any additional mobility work
2 x 5 SOTS press with PVC
2 x 10 frog hops
Then –
Warm up to Back Squat, fairly Heavy weight (can put chains on BB for added stability challenge)
Then –
4x Back Squats
6x Burpees
X 6 rounds, rest 60-90sec between rounds
Then –
3x Pull Ups (strict dead hang; can add weight if appropriate)
5x Windshield Wipers (or floor wiper) each side – lock weight out over chest?
X 3, rest as needed
Then –
60sec Wall Sit Hold
60sec Plate Halos (switch directions at 30sec)
X 3 rounds, no rest
Cool down, stretch