In the Gym September 19th


10 min C2
3 x 5 Wall squats
2 x 10 Squats
3 x 5 Squat jumps

Warm up to 5RM Clean High Pull
5x Clean High Pull + 100m Row; you have 2:00 to complete each segment, then repeat.
8 rounds. Rest is the time left in the 2:00 after completion of Hi Pull/Row.

Then, 5:00 rest “intermission” 😉

DB Push Press 10x (20/25#) + 30 cal on Airdyne.
6 Rounds. Same format, 2:00 to complete, rest is time you have left.
For PP use a weight you can do all reps without failure or loss of form. Lock out movement at the top of ROM and pause for each rep.

Cool down 10 – 15 min easy row
Carolyn, Betsy

2 hour Mountain Bike ride at Prince Creek, in the foothills of Mt. Sopris….never a dull moment what a fabulous trail system!

Evening ride Mt. Sopris

Evening ride Mt. Sopris