In the Gym Aug 21

10:00 warm up
work on mobility/stability
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 × 5 wall squats
3 x 5 SOTS Press with PVC
30m OH walking lunge, forward backward with one arm then switch
Warm up to Heavy-ish Overhead Squat (can be single arm or just with PVC depending on the athlete)
5 x 5 OHS – many athletes can’t overhead squat, based on limited mobility, so have them pick another type of squat or work on OH form and mobility with just a PVC facing the wall like a wall squat.
Rest about 1 minute between each set
10x Weighted Walking Lunges (total steps, hold weight in FR or FC)
10x Push up
10x Anchored Leg Lowers
5 Rounds, rest as needed
4x250m ski/row (go hard!)
rest 1 minute between each
Cool Down