In the Gym April 9th

10:00 Warm up ski/row/bike
2 x 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
3 x 5 Wall squats
3 x 6 Goblet squats
6 way BB Complex (with KBs if more appropriate)
6x Deadlift
6x Bent Over Row
6x Hang Clean
6x Front Squat
6x Push Press
6x Push Up
Try to NOT put the bar down through the complex (keep holding until push ups).
Use the same weight for all movements, the weight chosen will be limited by your weakest movement, e.g. deadlift will feel light, push press hard.
For extra challenge do push ups on the barbell, try and stabilize so it doesn’t roll away.
x 3 rounds, 30-60sec rest between each round (basically enough time to change weights)
10x Burpees
30m Bear Crawl
x 4 rounds, rest as necessary
If time: 1000m ski or row for time (or 5minutes hard on airdyne)
Cool Down / Mobility