In the Gym June 19th

Strength Endurance

10:00 Row/Ski Warm Up
3 x 5 Wall squats
2 x 10 Goblet squats
2 x 10 Single Arm OH walking lunges
2:00 30/30 DB PP
3 x 5 Squat jumps

From my dear friends at Gym Jones…I was just in that mood.

“300” Workout

25x Pull Ups + 50x Dead Lift + 50x Push Ups + 50x Box Jumps + 50x Windshield Wiper + 50x KB Clean and press (KB must touch the floor between reps) + 25 Pull Ups

500m Row/Ski for time x 3, rest 3:00 between efforts

Cool Down

Athlete: Carolyn, Nate, Ben