In the Gym August 2nd

10:00 warm up
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
work on mobility
3 ×5 wall squats
30m Single Arm OH Walking Lunge (forward and backward each arm)
Then: (Team 1)
5 to 1 ladder Split Squats (hold weight at chest or at sides, athlete’s choice)
Start light and increase weight as reps decrease
After each “rung”, complete 10x Anchored Leg Lowers/Lifts
3 x 2 Split Squats each side at heavy weight
Rest 60-90sec between sets (yes actual rest 😉 )
Then: (Team 2)
5x Strict Dead Hang Pull Ups (can add weight if appropriate) + 15m Bear Crawl (heavy)
Rest 60sec between rounds
x 6 rounds
(Switch Teams)
If time:
1000m ski/row for time (or 50cal air dyne)
Cool Down with mobility, stretching…