Education Email Fall/Winter 2022Protein Nutrition – It’s time for an another Education email from the desk of Carolyn Parker. Our focus today will be on PROTEIN.Protein is a critical part of our daily nutritional profile and it has been a fairly consistent observation of mine that many athletes do not consume enough protein to support […]

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Managing Summer Heat

Good Day Ripple Effect Athletes! It’s time for another educational email and a few updates from the desk of Carolyn Parker.Today the subject is all about heat, why it is so important to NOT over heat, and the science of sport performance and cooling techniques. Most of the details in this quick overview are presented […]

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Good Day Ripple Effect Athletes!From the desk of Carolyn Parker ~It’s that time of year another education email this time on Recovery.As many of you know I have spent my life in performance athletics from my college days of bike racing, an extended climbing and guiding career, to various other endurance and strength based endeavors. […]

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Tabata Explained

Have you ever heard someone say “Tabata This” or “yeah I’m doing a Tabata WO!”?As with so many forms of “training,” a method that can be incredibly useful is misunderstood by an athlete or community. Yes it is still exercise, and if movements are performed correctly it can still be beneficial, our aim at RE […]

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Training through Menopause

“Menopause” – that word, so infrequently discussed almost as though it needs to be kept hush hush, yet is a significant part of ALL women’s lives. And no it’s not just that we stop menstruating, although many western doctors would tend to lead one to think that’s all it is.  One of my many pet peeves […]

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Periodization for Mountain Sport

Periodization for Mountain Sport When it comes to training and performance periodization is a key piece of a successful year in sport. Whether or not you are using an athlete training center like the Ripple Effect to guide you through your strength conditioning, following a coaches program, or creating your own routine periodization is a […]

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Universal Stats

Universal Stats – All of the below are listed with a range, for gender, age and sport application. Additionally they are adjusted down from an athletes max by 10% per decade over age 50. And are adjusted or removed if injury or ROM limitation precludes one from properly performing movements. All of the above require […]

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Training vs. Exercise

This post is the next in an educational series behind the science and methodology of the “why” of what we do at The Ripple Effect (RE). See links below to previous content if you’d like to read or review. “Aligning the Modern Athlete” “The Science of Strength” Exercise is Exercise. Training is Both. I’ll elaborate… […]

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The Science of Strength

The Science of Strength: This email is going out to all our athletes, both old and new. It’s aim is to be informative and educational. Ripple Effect specializes in training “mountain” athletes. By mountain athlete I mean someone who moves their body through varied terrain during sport. Running, Climbing, Cycling, Skiing, Boating, Hiking… the list […]

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Aligning the Modern Athlete

RIPPLE EFFECT ATHLETES This is the first of what I hope to be a series of informative posts to help further your education and health, in your life of athleticism. I speak about these issues often in the gym, however with our busy lives pieces are forgotten. Give this a moment and read, then reread […]

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In the Gym March 29th

10:00 warm up work on mobility/stability 2 × 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press 3 × 5 wall squats 2 x 30m Tactical Lunge 2 x 10 Push Press (medium weight) Then: 2min Step Ups – hold weight at chest or at sides 200m Sprint @ Machine of choice 60sec Wall Sit Hold […]

In the Gym March 27th

10:00 warm up 2 × 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press 3 × 5 wall squats Any additional mobility or stability or both 2 x 5 Squat Jumps 2 x 5 (per side) High Knee March – hold KB at chest 2 x 5 Reverse Flies Then: 8x RMM @ + 4x Box […]

In the Gym March 24th

10:00 warm up 2 × 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press 3 × 5 wall squats Any additional mobility work 2 x 10 goblet squat 2 x 5 reverse flies (DBs or bands) Then – 10x KB Swing 10x Push Press 60sec rest x 5 rounds, increase weight through rounds if possible Then […]