Training through Menopause

“Menopause” – that word, so infrequently discussed almost as though it needs to be kept hush hush, yet is a significant part of ALL women’s lives. And no it’s not just that we stop menstruating, although many western doctors would tend to lead one to think that’s all it is.  One of my many pet peeves […]

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The dirt on Diet Sodas

Diet sodas may confuse brain’s ‘calorie counter’ Sugar-free drinks may make sweet-detecting circuits numb to the real stuff By Janet Raloff July 14th, 2012; Vol.182 #1 (p. 14)  Text Size By baffling the brain, saccharin and other sugar-free sweeteners — key weapons in the war on obesity — may paradoxically foster overeating. At some level, […]

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The Ultimate Juicing Machine

The count:  It’s been 467 days since I’ve taken juicing by storm (or should I say, juicing has taken my kitchen by storm)…I have juiced approximately 205 liters of delicious, nutrient filled juice, for myself and my athletes.  I’ve experienced increased energy levels, quicker recovery times after workouts, and am generally feeling good! There are […]

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Don’t Bad Mouth Butter

Don’t Bad Mouth Butter   Here’s an interesting article on oils and cooking…you might just be surprised. Oils for Cooking

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Gluten Free

Gluten Free   Is it hype and the latest fad? or something we should all be considering? I personally do my best to avoid gluten, that is a personal choice for many reasons. Here’s a link to an article that may provide some insight into making your own decision about Wheat and Gluten, among other […]

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Don’t be afraid of the sun.

So many people in the U.S. are low on Vitamin D, and sunlight; both of which, as it turns out, we need more than many people realize.  Here are two articles that describe the health benefits of Vitamin D and sun exposure (without hiding under layers of UVA/UVB protection!).  So get out there and enjoy […]

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Liquid Lightning

The evolution of the juice blend: my friend Anna refers to my blend as “liquid lightning”; truthfully it is amazing stuff specifically blended to provide a huge nitrate load with every serving. Yes, you feel super human if you drink enough everyday. And it provides many of the other vital micro-nutroients we should be getting […]

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As an athlete, nutrition is a crucial key in optimizing fitness levels.  It’s well known that fruits and veggies are a great source of nutrients in your diet, but it can be hard to consume a large volume of them due to their high fiber content. Juicing is an excellent (and delicious) way to add […]

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Athena Bars don’t be afraid of calories

Athena Bars: dont be afraid of calories 1/2 cup Agave 1/2 cup Peanut butter (Or Almond if you prefer) 1/2 cup egg whites 1/4 cup coconut oil 1 tsp vanilla 1 egg 1 cup hemp hearts 1 cup choc chips 4 scoops whey protein powder 1 cup oats (use GF if you need to) 1/2 […]

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Eat more fat

I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to say it: don’t be scared of eating fat.  In fact, it is essential to our health for multiple reasons, and it’s important to understand the differences between the various types of fats that we can get obtain from our diets.  Omega-3 essential fatty […]

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In the Gym January 21st

10:00 warm up + mobility 2 x 8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press 3 x 5 wall squat 2 x 30m Tactical Lunge Then: Heavy weighted Step up. Find appropriate weight, Kbs or Dbs held in hands at sides. 5x Step up per leg 5x Pull Up x 5 Rounds Then 5x Chest […]

In the Gym January 17th

10:00 Warm up ski erg/airdyne/row 2 × 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press Work on mobility 3 x 5 Wall squat 3 x 6 Goblet Squats Then: 10x Deadlift 500m ski/row for time (go hard!) 2-3 minute rest (depending on athlete) 3 rounds Then: 20 + 15 + 10reps of each – Push […]

In the Gym January 14th

10:00 Warm up ski erg/airdyne/row Work on mobility 2 × 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press 3 x 5 Wall squat 30m OH Walking Lunge (forward/backward each arm) Then: 30m Weighted Walking Lunge 10x Chest Press 60x Mountain Climbers (total) 5 rounds, minimal rest Then: 10/1 Alternating Ladder Body Rows / Ring Dips […]