Universal Stats

Universal Stats – All of the below are listed with a range, for gender, age and sport application. Additionally they are adjusted down from an athletes max by 10% per decade over age 50. And are adjusted or removed if injury or ROM limitation precludes one from properly performing movements. All of the above require […]

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My Standard

In the last two weeks I’ve fired two relatively new athletes/clients. The reason: no shows. Here’s how it works. I will be here, the lights on, the door unlocked a program written, I have already invested time. I will be ready and willing to work as hard as the individual who walks in the door. I will […]

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Is it Cheating?

Someone asked me “Is it cheating?”, in reference to the style in which they were thinking of leading a climb; my answer was a bit long winded but started with, “It depends on what you claim you did.” In the world of climbing and any other sport where there is not a stop watch or […]

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Active Rest and Recovery

The disease of the United States appears to be not pushing hard enough, unless referring to food in the mouth. However, many athletes, myself included, at times can fall prey to pushing too hard for too long. We end up injured, under performing, and probably cranky. Active Rest is important, no it’s not a good […]

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Video Killed the Radio Star

Some of you may remember that old song by the Buggles, if not Google it. Technology marks progression, we adapt and change however as is apparent in today’s America not all change and adaptation is good. What happened? What happened to people and families going outside? What happened to people enjoying the satisfaction of learning […]

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Respect for your elders

I’m not going off on this one because I’m 45, really it’s just something you realize more and more as you “mature”. There are a lot of athletes who are still going hard in their 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and on; some gave up.  What many may not realize yet, is that it does get harder, […]

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How do I burn fat?

As a trainer I can at times be amazed by the misinformation or misunderstanding of the information in the world about fitness.  This quick little rant is about “loosing body fat” or getting “lean” and the well embraced myth that cardio is the only way to do so. Once again…eat better+ eat less+ do more= […]

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In the Gym October 16th

PE/SE 10:00 warm up 2×8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press work on mobility 3×5 wall squats Then: 6 way BB Complex (can be done with Kbs or DBs which ever is more appropriate for athlete) 6x Deadlift 6x Bent Over Row 6x Hang Clean 6x Front Squat 6x Push Press 6x Push Up […]

In the Gym October 14th

PE/SE 10:00 warm up 2×8 shoulder openers 2 x 5 cuban press work on mobility 3×5 wall squats 4 x 30/30 machine of choice to open up the lungs a bit Then: Then: 10x Ball Slam + 5x Pull Up x 10 rounds – reduce rounds for the less fit Then: 10x Halo + 5x […]

In the Gym October 11th

Power 10:00 Warm up Work on mobility/stability 2 x 8 Shoulder openers 2 x 5 Cuban press 3 x 5 Wall squats 2 x 5 Squat Jumps 2 x 8 Push Press Then: Warm up to Clean and Press (same weight for both) – can be with BB, 2xKBs, or single KB (so basically a […]