Mario Donato


Being trained by Carolyn is always enlightening and rewarding. Carolyn helped me at a critical time during my training to become a Gym Jones Instructor. Without her guidance, patience and help breaking some mental barriers, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be where I am today. Carolyn’s influence stays with me in some way shape or form everyday.

38, 6’2 210#
Free Diver
CMD GYM. “Center Of Mass Destruction” in Sweden

Gym Stats

Deadlift 450#
Front Squat 240#
OH Squat 220#
Back Squat 300#
Power Clean 220#
Jerk 190
Bench Press (for reps 10) 225
TGU 70#
Max Pull ups 20
Weighted Pull up 20#
2000m Row 6’48″
Aidyne 1min all out 73

Freediving Stats

Pool Disciplines
Static Apnea/Breath Hold 8’20″

Depth Disciplines/ Open water
Constant Weight Apnea with Fins/ 320ft
Constant Weight Apnea with out fins/ 215ft