Karen Ortiz


Carolyn has made a profound impact on my personal journey through the endurance and strength training world. Her outcome based holistic approach to training has trained muscle into this endurance athlete, which has not only made me into a stronger cyclist, but a stronger and healthier athlete overall. She is in my eyes an adventure coach, paving the way to looking at life as an adventure encouraging unexplored challenges. Her integrative approach to training, taking the time to look at the athletes nutrition, sleep, stress, attitude and exercise.
Seemingly never tiring, I am respectful and impressed with her knowledge and desire to push the envelope in nutrition and training. She is helping me explore my personal abilities and potential as an athlete, overcome obstacles and imbibe confidence in myself.

44, 5’5”, 122#
mother of two.


DL 245#
FS 170#
PP 55#
Bench 95#
Power CL 75# 5 rep/1 rep 110#
Jerk 75# 5 rep/ 1 RM 110#
SPL SQ 52# (26# u) in 5×5/leg set
FLR 180 sec
Pull Ups 5
Handstand for time 2:00
Snatch Hi Pull 105#
Clean Hi Pull 105#
250m Row :57
500m row 1:56
Back Squat step up 60#
Romanian DL (3reps) 75#
TGU 60#
OHS 105#
KB 10min Snatch test 25# – 174 reps

Greatest accomplishments

The bearing and rearing of my two beautiful children – Cameron (15yrs) and Alison (12yrs).

Road and mountain biking


4th at the Barn Burner 100 mi mtn bike race.
Qualified for Leadville.
5th at mountainairre road race.


5th place overall, Tour of the Gila, cat 3
San Juan Mountain Bike Epic 200
Mountain bike race from Durango to Moab
2nd place at the Sandia Peak Epic Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship, Expert field
1st Place Women Cat 1/2/3 Las Vueltas de Mountainair Road Race


8th place overall, Tour of the Gila, cat 3


NM Endurance series mtn bike races – SF big friggin loop
Cochiti endurance race
San Ysidro Dirty Century
Dawn to Dusk, duo champion with Trish


NM expert mountain bike age group 30-39, state champion and overall series winner of the NMORS


Leadville 100 finisher, 2008, 2009
2008:Dawn to Dusk, solo – 3rd place
2005: Pocatello Idaho stage race, 3rd place overall, (cat 4)
Utah State Crit champion, cat 4
Utah State, TT champion, cat 4
3rd place in LOTOJA (200 mile road race), cat 4 – 3rd place,
(4th place over all women’s categories)
2004: St George stage race, 3rd place overall, (cat 4)
Pocatello Idaho stage race, 1st place overall, (cat 4)

Strength training began 2011-present.
Enjoying feeling strong and setting PR’s.

Began rock climbing spring 2012 and new adventures, including surfing are in my future!