David Bernstein

David B

Why do I train with Carolyn. Let me count the reasons…
Most importantly, it is fun! Workouts are always based on your training plans; workouts that are ever changing, ever challenging and always kick ass. It helps motivate me that I have to keep up with her since she always do the workouts first…yep she can be a huge P.I.A Bonus payback, is as an older fart, I keep up with a lot younger men with no problems, don’t mind that.
Mostly, I train to be always ready to enjoy an adventure, and stay injury free!

55, 5’9” 150#
Orthopedic Surgeon
Husband and father of two.


Deadlift- 285#
Back Squat- 195#
BSSU 65#
Press- 115#
Bench Press 145#
Front Squat- 165#
OHS- #135
Snatch #115
Clean #125
Jerk #125
Pull Ups 20
Single Pull Up + 70lbs
Ring Dips- 12
TGU Barbell 60#

Mile- 5:30
5k- 17:25
Marathon -most recent 3:06
500m Row 1:41


2013 12 hours of El Paso Mountain Bike Race Solo
2013 Enchanted Forest 24hr Mountain Bike Race Solo


2011 & 2012 Dawn to Dusk; 12hr Mountain Bike Race Solo


2010 Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, just under 12hr mark
2009 Sandia Crossing 27miles