Coaching by Carolyn

Coaching by Carolyn

Although I have not promoted these services of late, I do and have provided coaching and programming for athletes for over 15 years. Recently, many athletes have been reaching out for support during these uncertain times, I wanted to provide this option to our community.

Coaching options are available:

Phone calls for questions about training and staying healthy through the nations recovery from the corona virus. $40 for a 30 min call. $5 for additional blocks of 10 min.

Training Programs: 8 – 16 week custom programs for events in the future, fall 50K runs, rock climbing goals, century bike rides, all of these can still be properly trained for or supported as a future even during this time. These programs will be customized to each athletes goal and resources available for training. Cost is $100 – $160 for the program, it will be emailed as a PDF. We will schedule an initial phone call and a follow up for questions.

Online Coaching: The most detailed, adaptable, and high degree of contact and accountability.I  provide online coaching for athletes via the TrainingPeaks coaching platform. Utilizing heart rate data, customized strength programs, periodized schedule for events, races, climbs, and general fitness goals. The cost varies between $100 – $325 a month depending on type of training program.

Please email me at for questions or call 970-433-4741.