Gym Invitational Friday October 10th 12 – 7pm


Gym Invitational Event:

Friday October 10th 12:00-7:00pm


Off-Season Strength Programs

Preparation for Ski Season, Alpine Touring, SkiMo Racing

Multi-Sport Athlete Conditioning

Injury Prevention


Drop by the gym October 10th, between 12 – 7pm. This is an opportunity to talk with our trainers, schedule an initial assessment, and register for group/private training to suit your training needs.


Press Release:

October 2, 2014


Mountain athletes in Carbondale excel at Ripple Effect new to Carbondale.


Carbondale, Colorado – Ripple Effect, a new athlete training center located just off Main Street in Carbondale, has already turned the heads of local athletes.  Crediting the founder’s focus on outcome-based, sport-specific training for committed individuals, seasoned competitors are already seeing the results after six weeks of training. Says professional runner and coach, Elinor Fish, “Our training has been a series of ‘a-ha!’ moments as I discover my weakest links, muscle imbalances and other things that hold me back from performing my best. Every carefully crafted workout improves those weaknesses and as a result, I’m already feeling stronger and more balanced as a runner.”


Carolyn Parker, Ripple Effect’s founder, cut the ribbon on her Carbondale gym during this past September’s First Friday festivities and has quickly grown a client base of amateur to elite athletes who hadn’t previously found the coaching they needed in the Valley. “Ripple Effect has elevated my motivation to gain strength and power in a way I didn’t think was possible,” says Sari Anderson, champion multi-sport athlete, and Mom.  The individual programming, private training sessions and Parker’s emphasis on form, technique, and injury prevention have also attracted individuals who have either incurred injuries or lost focus in other group training models or fitness classes.


Parker is a Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor, professional climber, certified guide, skier, Mt runner, sponsored athlete, and former mountain bike racer, with a 25 year resume of sculpting athletes, from amateur to elite, into stronger, faster, more powerful competitors.  Rob Klimek, a flight medic and amateur endurance athlete, just completed a 46 mile, rim to rim to rim run of the Grand Canyon under Ripple Effect’s coaching. “How do you prepare for the R2R2R? You train with Carolyn Parker! How do you build up the confidence to run 46 miles and 22,000 feet of elevation gain/ loss in soaring 104° temps? You train with Carolyn Parker! How do you train with Carolyn Parker? You find her at the rippleEFFECT!”


Ripple Effect is now taking motivated athletes for private training sessions, small group workouts and individualized programming.  “Yes we love to watch our competitive athletes reach the higher level under our program, we are tenaciously committed to the development of every individual who commits to themselves to the process, we work with everyone who desires progress and change, who commits their energy to their health and fitness goals.”  The “athlete” in athlete training center, not only refers to the types of clients Ripple Effect works with, it also refers to the type of workouts that clients are put through.  With an individualized, sport-specific mixture of strength, power, power endurance, we target identified outcomes, while avoiding injury and motivation-loss common in other training models.


Parker and her staff will be hosting an open house at their facility on Friday October 10th from 10am-7pm. “This is a time to see the facility, meet the instructors, learn more about what we do and how we can support you as an athlete and individual: whether it is one on one training, small group, or programming.” Ripple Effect is located at 580 Main St, Suite 110 (which faces Weant Blvd.)


For more information, contact Carolyn Parker:

(970) 773-3317


More About Ripple Effect Training Philosophy:


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RE group run, Tuesday evenings beginning October 14th

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In House Clinics…TBA First Clinic will be held Novmeber 11th

Co-sponsor and Support Independence Run & Hike’s Jingle Bell Run Decemeber 21st

More to come….Train for the Power of 4, Ice Climbing, Cycling Power, ACL Injury Prevention